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Top 7 Freelance Websites for Freelancers

According to a research it is observed that 36% in U.S workforce done by freelancers in 2020. And this percentage is still growing where a freelancer chooses his own place, freedom, projects, workload and clients.

As we know that after the pandemic of COVID-19 many businesses and companies turned towards online work and they highly demanded for freelancers to work with them so this thing also attracts the people toward freelancing and there are many jobs available for the freelancers from a grocery stores to the web developer, digital marketing, financial advisors, accountants and many more.

If you are trying to start your freelancing career and don’t know which platform is best for your startup so don’t worry in this article we will list the top 7 freelance websites.

Top 7 Freelance Websites for Freelancing:
  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. com
  4. Guru
  5. LinkedIn
  6. People Per Hour
  7. TaskRabbit

Fiverr is a platform which provides a streamlined method between the freelancer and the business owner to interact with each other. Different business owners looking for services in different kind of digital projects including Game development, Website Designing and Development, Content Writing and Voice-overs. There are no hourly rates are available on it just project base pricing is decided.

On Fiverr a freelancer is known as to be Seller and a business owner is known as to be Buyer and the services use term Gigs.

Instead of sending out bid a seller can set his list of gigs by sign up for free. He can set up his price for each gig. While on the other hand buyer has to simply browse to choose different price rates and categories to purchase services.

When a buyer chooses a service and buys it the system of Fiverr automatically charges their account and put the money of buyer on hold as a third party. And on the other hand after the completion of the service it automatically sends 80% of the amount of the total offered price to the seller by taking its 20% commission.

It may take normally up to 15 days to withdraw the earning after completing the time and sometime it may depend on the Seller Level. Many options are available to withdraw the earning such as PayPal, Debit Card and wire transfer.

According to Fiverr they have more than 3.42 million active buyers which show their potential sale in world.


Upwork is a freelancing website which helps to connect the freelancers to client across the world. It provides a high range of services including website design and development, software development to customer service, graphic designing and also the accounting.

Both Clients and Freelancers can connect in multiple ways. Client can choose a way to post a job according to the project catalog and a hire a predefined service.

While as a freelancer you can access the jobs by creating a profile which ensures that it includes all the details of you. Your profile or portfolio includes your expertise and your working experience. While on the other hand it is up to client that he scan your qualification and experience on your profile whenever you send a bid for the job or project.

Upwork has a feature of sliding scale which decide their commission that means which describe the less amount of money is pay for commission by doing more work. Its commission fee starts from 20$ to 500$ depends on the project.

There are several ways to withdraw your earning including PayPal, wire transfer and direct transfer. is another freelancing platform where various clients and business companies interact with multiple service providers and freelancers.

You can sign up as a freelancer or owner easily. If you are a freelancer and while signup you will need to fill out a small registration form which includes your personal information such as your expertise, skills, educational background, achievements, and work experience.

Many kind of contest are available such as visual and design works through which freelancers can benefits and can earn money along with reviews on their freelancing profile.

This website take 10% of commission for your contest and your complete project and the way of withdraw your earning is easy you can use PayPal, wire transfer and debit card for it.


Guru is another place for freelancers to provide their services to the companies all over the world. It also includes large number of services categories such as web design and development, content writing, software development and care, graphic designing and many financial and accounts management services.

This website makes it very helpful for the freelancers to browse for the job listing and can submit quotes and offers to the client. And it all starts from signing up and making a freelancer profile and advance system of this website will give you recommendation of same kind of jobs according to your skill set and working experience.

Freelancer can bid for a short and long term project and also can give a fixed price for each project.

Many kind of withdraw systems are available for your earnings such as PayPal and wire transfer and another feature of this website is that it provides a SafePay feature which ensure the freelancers to get paid timely having protection.

You can sign up for free with free-basic membership however paid membership plans more tools to make your profile more stand out.


LinkedIn is another most popular freelance site which provides the freelancers an easy way to find job in various fields. It is a social media platform where you can interact with clients.

For LinkedIn just sign up and create a portfolio to get start your freelancing career. During sign up provide all your personal information details including your skills, qualifications and working experiences. A comprehensive LinkedIn profile creates a higher chance to get more job opportunities.

You can also boast your profile by adding more posts on your account. Your attractive portfolio will attract the employers and make you an offer. For finding the desired freelance job always use the related key words and sort the results for those keywords from the latest job advertisements.

People per Hour:

As shown from the name, on this freelance website different business owners and companies hire the freelancers for hourly based task or projects.

Freelancer can create an account for free and make a portfolio including all kind of details and moderator will review all application before approving it so it helps to detect fake freelance accounts.

Once the moderator approves the application a freelancer can easily browse the jobs from his skills categories.

Like other freelance website this website also charges 20% of the commission for the project. And the commission will be decrease if you work more.


TaskRabbit is another freelancing website that connects the different business clients with freelancers across the world and a freelancer can earn money from doing grocery shopping or assembling furniture.

As same like other website it also provide list of professional jobs including household chores, lighting installation and delivery system. For this website just simply create an account, select your area where you are available, category of work and set your hourly rate.

After Creating the account TaskRabbit team will do a review to your application and check background. Once your profile is approved the freelancer will have to pay a registration fee of 25$ then they can start discovering jobs and managing work through mobile application.

Whenever a freelancer complete its task an invoice is send for hourly work and client will directly send the money to the registered bank account of the freelancer. TaskRabbit only charges service fee from the client so it beneficial for the freelancer to receive full amount of money without any charges.




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