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What is Metaverse and how it is changing the World? (Complete Intro for Beginners)


You have heard about the project Meta verse and how it is changing the world and making the world digital connectivity, virtual reality VR experiences and e-commerce. Many technology based companies are a part of this project as Microsoft’s massive US $68.7 Billion acquisition of the game developing giant activation Blizzard reflected the company’s desire to bolster its position in the interactive entertainment space. Meta is a founder company of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg is the key pillar of founding this company whose ambition is to reimaging the social media platform as a Metaverse company building the future of social connection. But many other non technology base companies are clamoring to get in on the ground floor as well, from Nike filing new trademarks to sell Virtual Air Jordans and Walmart preparing to offer virtual merchandise in online stores using its own Cryptocurrency and non fungible tokens NFTs.

What is Metaverse?

If we think about the future of immersive media metaverse opens up transformative opportunities. But first of all we have to know what metaverse is and why it is being hyped up as a game changing innovation?  We can say that MetaVerse is a 3D integrated Network which is based on Virtual Reality. It is just like another world where users can assess by entering into virtual reality and navigating the world by its eye moments, feedback controllers or through its voice commands. The headset immerses the user to stimulate what is MetaVerse, which is created by generating the physical sensation of actually being there. There are multiple Virtual Reality games available such as Recording Room or Horizontal World which is the best example of MetaVerse where different participate interact  with each other’s using different kinds of avatars and also manipulate their environment. but the wider range of applications beyond the gaming are staggering while different musical bands and different entertainment labels are trying to host their shows virtually in MetaVerse while different sports companies are also building franchises such as Manchester city and building a virtual stadium into MetaVerse where fans can watch games and can also purchase virtual merchandise.

The other benefit of MetaVerse will be about its use in online learning and government works as it will provide you some real like virtual platforms to learn from basic level to expert level and in government work it will help you to solve your problems without going personally to government office. These were some basics and important facts and introduction about what MetaVerse is and how it is engaging people with each other’s without any physical interaction as it is independently from physical existence and it provide many kinds of Virtual Reality experience and all of them are supported with its own digital economy. But before MetaVerse become a global product many kind of challenges are overcome before it starts and can achieve overspread. The first and basic challenge of it is its virtuality and which is the part of this universe. It is known as to be the main and important key ingredient of the MetaVerse recipe while in MetaVerse the entrance should not be limited to having a VR headset. We can say in some other word that a person having a laptop or a smart mobile phone can easily enter into Metaverse and seem as it to be a second life connected with a digital world.

As MetaVerse provides wide accessibility so it’s work based on Virtual Reality continued battle of getting traction with consumers. In a short period of time we can say that virtual reality have seen a lot of innovations. If we look in some previous years we can see that people had a low cost or extremely limited featured Smartphone or headset but people were interested in virtual reality and experience the good expensive computer system. But now as the world is changing and people have available good quality of headsets so they can quickly become market leader in home Virtual Reality. on the other the globally sale of Virtual Reality headset is also increasing that means people are showing interest in these kind of projects and according to a survey it is observed that 2021 was the best year for the virtual reality headset manufacturing companies who had their best sales since 2016’s flurry of the bug brand Virtual Reality sold about 11 million devices worldwide. It could be challenging for people to use their devices for VR as according to a research it is estimated that 28% of the people who own their virtual reality headset use them on their daily basis. So we can say that although virtual reality headset is increasing with a great population but still many sorts of challenges come to its way.

Some Challenges that Meta is Facing

1. Virtual Movement causes Physical Discomfort:

There are different kinds of factors which are behind the marketing opportunities which cause during manufacturing and count as to be obstacles and it is a big reason that virtual reality is not getting a position in today’s market. But it is possible to use VR inherently unappealing for a number of significant people who frequently use. Virtual Reality is also facing the problem of cyber sickness in this advance technology and smart screens world and it is another important factor for its not growing demand. It is a sickness of nausea akin to motion sickness in many people using this technology.

In a study it is observed that neck physical discomfort may present another barrier which may remains as long as the use of large VR headsets. Another research purposed that the headsets are made up for mostly men so they are uncomfortable for use of women as it could fit to their physic. Another physical discomfort challenge for virtual reality is its isolated nature for example when you start using VR headset you are totally separated from the world around yourself.

2. A Mediated and Magical World Everywhere:

Augmented Reality AR experiences may hold the key for the MetaVerse to reach to its real potential. With AR the user digitally enhance what they perceive in the physical world in the real time by using their smart phones or other devices which allow them to tap into a virtual world while still feeling presence in this one.

A MetaVerse Centered on an augmented reality wouldn’t be completely a new digital world it would intersect with our real world. In this vision of MetaVerse that could actually have the ability to change the way we live argues computer scientist and tech writer Louis Rosenberg says:

Louis Rosenberg

“I believe the vision portrayed by many Metaverse companies of a world filled with cartoonish avatars is misleading. Yes, virtual worlds for socializing will become quite popular, but it will not be the means through which immersive media transforms society. The true Metaverse — the one that becomes the central platform of our lives — will be an augmented world. If we do it right, it will be magical, and it will be everywhere.”



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