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What is Web3 Technology? A Complete Introduction for Beginners

Web3 is the newest version of internet we can say that it is a future of internet. This thing sounds huge and generate a question in mind that whether this internet will be uninstalled by updating the new version so the answer is no.

We can say that it is adding some updates into the internet what we are using today. It is more about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality so a web3 eventually shape what the MetaVerse is and how to shop with it. It basically uses the Artificial intelligence to pick out the best Virtual Reality headsets for us and will keep our data more secure.

Changing in Internet:

There are two versions of internet available the first version is known as Web 1.0 or just really only web. Its history is from 1989 to the early 2000s. Its main purpose was to share the information and data and there was not any interaction between the visitor who is visiting the page and what was online. Here you could create your own pages online or you can read others page online it provides you both facilities. Other then email communication was nil. All the information was stored on the server and accessed only by a computer.

After web 1.0 the next Web 2.0 was evolved and which was known as the read-write web. It became official in 2004 and it is th0e same web which we are using today. This version is advanced and allows the people to interact with each other or what they see online by using comment sections, social media or many other platforms. Instead of being stored only on personal servers and accessed by computers web 2.0 information can be stored in cloud storage which is a hosted server and viewed on tablets, mobile phones or even through your fridge, in addition to your computer.

Evolution of Web3:

Web3 or web 3.0 is a next evolution of the internet and growing out of web 2.0.  We are already getting some glimpse of what web3 is and if there is no hard definition of what this progression will entail. Like other generations of internet web3 is also building off the last generations and adding to it. We can say that this version of internet has both the ability of read-write own and read-write execute version. Some important functionalities such desensitization, privacy, machine learning and safety is some trends which we are already seeing as glimpse of web 3.0.

Decentralization of Web3:

The big focus of web3 meaning is decentralization. That means it provides transparent information about any data and the facility of making online communities owned by everyone. Instead of using giant databases information is store on different locations which are known as distributed computers instead of storing them into Google. All the information should be shared by Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).  These are the large groups which are building for one purpose to community run, and relaying on each member within the DAOs and interact with a common purpose goal.

Controlling Privacy through using Blockchain:

Blockchain is known as the pivotal part of decentralization and all the ownership of things on internet is stored or register on the Blockchain. Blockchain allows a transparent and publically accessible data system which shows what is going on inside a system.

there is one main difference between the Blockchain and other infrastructure databases is that  previous databases were only controlled by one person or an organization and they had a complete control on that system so they can change or control the data stored on that system or database so these attempts can cause the errors and frauds. While Blockchain allows anyone to create system and that could be audited by anybody because it is an open system which allows anyone to understand the system which they are interfacing and develop trust with the users which are using their app.

Encrypted Security Feature:

It is another dream of web3 puzzle which was dreamed early in 1990’s and this idea was based that computers would be able to contextualize the information as like as human brain. Beyond knowing this that what is artificial intelligence is and would easily know the meaning and emotions behind the information. Serving it up to humans in a more intelligent way than search engines do today.

AI could also be used to make things of values using this advanced level of learning such as creating new medicines and manufacturing new products.

How could these Features store in Web3?

An expert and Analyst Huang says that although it is difficult to pin point but i expect the MetaVerse will use Blockchain to keep track of digital assets storage and its main or potential use is that many creators can registered their digital assets such as sound, music, immersive experiences and games in safe and transparent way.

Web3 AI will also able to build you custom MetaVerse games or environment based on your personality and preference.

Web3 companies and platforms:

Many popular Networks are available in Web3 such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and Cosmos. While popular Web3 platforms include on Opensea, Coinbase, ledger and MetaMask. These all platforms sell NFTs and Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Disadvantages of Web3:

We are still in fancy of this new version of internet and it is really too soon to tell about this system but due to some theories based on DAOs theories and believes, some believes that DAOs in particular could be chaotic. Without someone or something in control hate speeches and misinformation would spread if no one police it as policies may help sort things out eventually.

Even through DAOs also rejects the constraints of centralized control and they still adopt the governance policies including data governance.

As DAOs organization operates totally online and governance data effectively is critical for security, access, collaboration and many more. DAOs are built on and work using digital information. Which ensures that data is well managed using some dedicated tools should be at the top of the list when deciding the governance protocols.



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