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How to Use Different Tools of Adobe Photoshop CS6

In photography journey photoshop or editing is known as to be the last step. Where after you took your shots you try to make them more attractive and clear by using Adobe Photoshop. This type of activity is known as to be the digital photography’s internal part. As a photographer your shots looks perfect to you but inside they need to be a little magic of photo editing which take them to a next level. In this guide we will discuss about different tools of Adobe photoshop CS6.

List of Tools in Adobe CS6:
  • Marquee Tool
  • Move Tool
  • Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool, Magnetic Lasso Tool
  • Quick Selection Tool
  • Crop Tool
  • Color Sampler Tool
  • Path Healing Tool
  • Brush and Pencil Tool
  • Pattern Stamp Tool
  • Art History Brush Tool
  • Eraser Tool
  • Paint Bucker Tool
  • Blur Tool
  • Dodge Tool
  • Text Writing Tool
  • Path Selection Tool
  • Shape Tool
  • Rotate View Tool
  • Zoom in and Zoom out Tool
  • Background color Selector Tool
Marquee Tool:

For Quick selection within your image we use Marquee Tools.

Marquee Tools is shown as Rectangular Marquee tools on the top  of the tools and it shows default image of rectangle.

Then next is Elliptical Marquee Tool, for accessing it just Click and Hold and then select the  Elliptical Marquee Tool from the dropdown menu. You can also type “M” for currently visible Marquee Tool.

Select Tool:

This tool is use to select the text or image of you which is opened in  the photoshop software.

Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool and Magnetic Lasso Tool:

As like the Marquee Tool Lasso Tool is also use for the Selection with in your image. There are total three types of Lasso Tools that may be visible in the Toolbar and you can select them by just click and hold on the  visible tool to access other Lasso Tools. You can also access it by typing “L”.

A Lasso tool helps you to select any part around your image by just using your mouse. For it use click and hold the mouse button down as you want to draw and end the selection where you began to create a complete selection. For precise selection it may be difficult but for rough selection it may be very easy and helpful for you.

Quick Selection or Magic Wand Tool:

For selecting the  defined edges which are visible  in our image we use the Quick Selection Tool. You can also type “W” for accessing the magic wand tool or Quick Selection Tool or Click and Hold on the Magic Wand Tool and select the Quick Selection Tool from the dropdown.

When you select the Quick Selection Tool there  appears a small “+” inside of it. By the help of cursor you can go and select and click. This tool will select a portion of your image which is ending on some defined edges. While you are holding your mouse just move the cursor around the other remaining part of the object or image until the  complete part of it  may not  be selected. You can also select some other parts without losing the already selected area  by just clicking with your mouse.

Crop Tool:

This kind of tool helps you to crop and rotate  your image according to predefined  parameters. It helps to while you have many kind of  images or product and  you want to be them in same size we use crop tool. You can quickly access it  by typing “C”.

Color Sampler Tool:

This kind of tool is use to pick some sample color from your image and then match that kind of color for your editing. In previous version of adobe photoshop it is also known as to be the Eyedropper Tool which ensure you to select a specific color within your image and set it as your Foreground color. You can also quickly access it by typing “I”.

Path Healing Tool:

This kind of tool helps you to select a portion of image and blends it into another portion of  your image within the same layer. It also includes on different other types which are hiding behind by just on click and  hold on it. You can access it by typing “J”.

For using the healing tool just hover your cursor over the area where you want the sample on your image.  if you are using the MAC just hold down the ALT key and click on the sample area your cursor will become the target symbol when you hold down ALT/OPTION.

Now move your cursor to the area where you want to blend  your sample into on your image. Click  and Hold the mouse to “Paint” with your cursor in the new area of your image. Healing tool  will sample the original portion of your image and will paint it  over the new area of image by blending the  both pixels together.

Brush and Pencil Tool:

Brush and pencil tools work as their names are imply. You can use the brush and  pencil tool to paint or draw something on your image.

Pattern Stamp Tool:

Pattern or Clone Stamp Tool allows you to select a portion of  image and repeat that portion into another portion within the same layer of an image. You can access it by just typing “S”.

They can adjust as same like the brush tool by  adjusting its values at  the top of the application window.

Art History Tool:

This kind of tool ensure you that how your pixel will looks and also helps  to apply paint styles  to  your image by using the history states or snapshots as the source.

Eraser Tool:

As it shown by its name  it helps to erase some area or line from your image. You can adjust it by same as like brush , pencil or stamp tool by setting values on the top of  the  application window.

Paint Bucket/ Gradient Tool:

Gradient tool is located at same place where Paint Bucket Tool is located. Paint Bucket Tool will allows you to fill a selected area with a gradient instead of a solid color however the Gradient Tool will fill the  entire selection with some new color without underlying the pixel colors. Many other type will be shown in dropdown menu when you click and hold on the Gradient Tool.

Blur and Dodge Tool:

Blur and Dodge Tools both are use to Blur a specific area at the image while  dodge tool helps to highlight or darken that portion on the image. You can adjust its size and effecting power by same on the window application on the Top.

Text Writing Tool:

It helps to write any kind of text on the image  having different kind of  styles, Fonts, Families and colors. You can also write the 3D Text and make  it  more attractive by applying other tools. Text Tool Provide you different kind of useful options.

Path Selection Tool:

Path selection tool as it shows by its name helps you to select path of any selected area of that image.

Shape Tool:

It helps you to  draw different  kind of shapes on that image or area you just have to click and  hold the  shape tool select your specific shape  and after appearing “+” symbol draw by dragging the cursor by holding the button and fix  your size by its sides or edges.

Hand or Rotate View Tool:

It helps you to rotate the image to  see all angles or that perspective image or area. It help  you to show the different angles or view of the image.

Zoom Tool:

Zoom Tool provide you the facility of Zoom In and Zoom Out to make changing from the smallest size to the largest angle. Zoom in  refers  the sign having + inside and zoom out shows the – symbol.

Background Color Selector:

Background color Selector tool helps to select the background color of any layer or text.



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