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How to Create an Attractive Seller Account on Fiverr

If you want to start freelancing as a seller on Fiverr and want to offer your Services. As a new Freelancer on this platform your first concern is how to make a perfect seller account on Fiverr.

There are so many ways to earn money online. Online earning platforms are getting populated by freelancers. Lots of people are doing freelancing on everyday basis. As a new Freelancer there are extensive range of Business ideas and  Services which you can both build and work on at your home, on your laptop and a stable internet connection.

Many freelancing platforms are available for freelancers but among all of them Fiverr is always on the top of the list. For getting start on Fiverr the first concern of a freelancer is to sign up then how to create gigs and some other basis steps for signing up. For a new person it is difficult to understand these steps. Hence this blog will provide you all basic information for how to make perfect Fiverr account.

Create your account on Fiverr:

It’s very easy to sign up on Fiverr. Fiverr give you an option to sign up from Google, Facebook Account, Apple ID or simple with your email address. Next step is to choose the username and password. You can also use your email address instead of using your username. After creating your account you have to verify your account. For this go to your inbox and verify your account by a link sent by Fiverr.

Set your Profile

After the Account is created and activated next step is to set up your profile. For an attractive account an attractive profile is very important. It directly has an impact on the client. It helps them to know more about you and your service along with the gigs which shows about the expertise.

Your profile must be professional and perfect in every aspect. The picture of form and its description should be on top notch. Always add the right information and right skills set that you want to offer.

Mention the languages in which you are proficient in because it attracts the client. Make sure that your skills match with your gigs because a serious client always checks these things. Next step is to mention your educational background and then focus on the certificates which help you to in front of competitors. After setting up your account you can create gigs on Fiverr.

Next step is to create impressive gigs on Fiverr.

Create Gigs on Fiverr

For creating gig just move your cursor to the selling option which is on the top of the bar and then click on the “Gigs” option in the dropdown menu. Then click “Create the new Gig” button. Now you can start putting information about your service in your gig. A few steps are required while making gigs which are following:

Writing an overview of the Gig:

In the Section of “Gig Overview” you have to fill the title of your gig. There is an option for selecting categories and sub-categories chose your right category here. Do not forget to focus on the category and the sub-category because it is the most important part of your gig on Fiverr and mention your right tags in the last box. To make your gig valuable always try to select best search tags. If you have some confusion while choosing the right tags you can get help from other sellers of your niche. It helps you to get the right client.

While choosing the title always think that your title should be original, concise and should be to the point. Fiverr has a smart system that it focuses on the title of your gig and automatically suggest you the right categories in which it are based. You can simply select the category from the dropdown menu as well. So it is not a hard step to select categories.

Click on the “Save and continue” button for next section.

Setting Price of Your Gigs

This option helps to you to set your price for your services. For making price Fiverr gives you three different kinds of packages i.e Basic, Standard and Premium. You can set all the three options and can only use the one for all.

Next step is to give your package a title and description which show your creativeness because a creative person attracts the buyer most. Then mention the delivery time which tells about the working days it can be differ with your pricing. There is an option of shipping you can also select this section according to the location.

Mention Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

This option wills leads you to a section of Frequently Asked Questions That may be revised with each project.


Mention all type of your requirement from the buyer community to know the buyer’s demand.

Making Impactful Gigs Gallery Content

Gigs gallery always makes a great impact on the client. You can add photos, videos or Pdf in the content of gigs. It attracts the client.

Publishing your Gig:

By using the “Publish Gig” Button you can publish your gig and your gig will be active after publish.



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