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How to Buy a Domain Name (Complete guide for Beginners)

To buy a Domain name for your Website you have to visit to the domain registrar or hosting providers where you will purchase a domain by following instructions. If you want to buy a domain name for your personal site, online business or for your blog it is known as the most crucial step to buy.  Because it is the main source where a user will access to your site and without it your website will not be store on Google index or internet.

The process of registering a domain name is quite simple and straight forward even a person with a short knowledge can easily complete its steps in a few minutes.  This article will help you to explain each and every step to register a domain name by some tricks and tips to make the process easy for you.

How to Buy a Domain Name

Before getting start it’s useless that it’s only possible to register any existing domain name with a valid extension that other people and businesses don’t already own or using it.

There are five steps which will help us to buy a domain name getting into the website registration processes.

  1. Finding a Credible Domain Registrar:

We can say that a domain registrar is a company that is responsible for registering and managing domain names. It is connected and approved by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which is a non profitable organization which controls the rules and regulation of the website domain name and registration.

It is difficult to find a domain name registrar because it can impact a project or businesses for years. If you choose a wrong domain which may include on the hidden fees and even sometimes proved as a scam for the user. For example domain registrar forces the users to purchase domain names which are similar to the one which he already using.

It can be prove as a challenging condition to choose a good domain registrar from hundred of registrar providing all kind of services and offers. You have to consider following factors while choosing a registrar.

  • Pricing:

You have to check all hidden domain costs before purchasing a website domain and have to sure about the term and conditions of the registrar. Sometimes registrar offers low cost or fee for the first year of registration but they charges significantly higher renewal rates.

  • Expiration Policy of Domain:

It is very difficult to renew a domain name before its expiration date to prevent the other people from registering that domain name. So during choosing registrar make sure that it has auto renewal and reminder feature to prevent loss of your domain.

  • Add-on Services:

Always search for such registrar who provides you valuable add-on such as domain privacy and domain parking.

  • Domain Transfer Policy:

It’s possible to transfer domain name from one owner to another with the help of registrar but this process may be some difficult or charge some extra fees. Make sure to review the registrar domain transfer policy before purchasing it.

Some people purchase the custom domain from a hosting company which offers domain registration services. Hostinger is a company which provide you domain registrar. It would be very beneficial for you to buy the domain name and hosting from a same company/provider.

2. Checking for Domain Name:

Now that you have to found a registrar through you register a domain after selecting it the next step is to perform a domain name search. When choosing a domain name you have to always sure to pick the right domain extension as well. Domain name extensions which are the suffix at the end of the web address such as .com or .org are also referred as top level domains (TLDs). Different types of domain extensions available such as;

  • Country Code Top Level Domain (CCTLD):

This kind of domain specifies a domain with a country that tells both the user and search engine that this website is designed for a specific region or country.  Some domains which end up with some country name extension shows the country code top level domain example such as .us extension.

  • Sponsored Top Level Domain (STLD):

This type of domain is restricted to certain type of groups and organizations extensions with such domains are end with such as .govt or .edu.

  • Generic Top Level Domain (GTLD):

It is known as the most common type of domain extension and normally uses in general purposes. No relay on country code is used for this type of extension.  Example of general top level domains is including on .com or .org extensions. While choosing for domain name always check for top level domain extension that in which suitable extension it is useful.  If you choose the wrong suffix it will confuse the visitor and make your brand name misinterpreted.

Once you know what domain and extension to use you have to use the domain name checker to find out your desired domain name. Enter the name into the search bar and the tool will represent you with a list of available domain name with their extensions and it will also suggest you more domain name and extensions.

3.Pick Your Domain:

After you find the best domain for your website you have to proceed with the checkout. During this step you have to choose the domain registration period. For this registrars offer a variety of domain duration with their price rates. It may maximize to ten year registration and when the end time period is near it will remind you by an alert to renew the domain registration.

  • Typically domain registrars offer users to pay for a minimum period of one year, however the other registrar offers for a longer minimum registration period.  Like two years.  During checking domain name from domain name checker if you find your domain simply press the button Add to Cart which is present in front of domain name. Then, click Continue to cart.
  • After adding the domain name to the cart choose the domain period from the dropdown. Then click on the Checkout now button to finish the order.
  • The next step is to create an account to that registrar site or log in to complete the payment process.
  • Choose the payment processor to continue the purchase. After providing your billing information and review the order. Through this you can finish the website domain purchase.

4. Completing the Domain Registration:

After completing your domain purchase payment you will be redirected to control the panel. There will be a setup box which will help you to complete the domain name registration. You have to fill up and provide the correct details such as name, addresses and your contact information and this data will be officially store on the official domain ownership database (WHOIS).

After providing and submitting your details your domain registration will be processed. If you have not provided any information or want to update that information it is possible to modify the ownership details by using the domain management section within the control panel. During changing details you have to confirm it after submitting the updates via email.

5. Verifying the Domain Name Ownership:

It is known as the final step to verify the domain ownership through the email address you used during registration the domain. Within a few minute this email arrives after you finish the domain setup. Simply you have to click the verification link in the email by verify your contact information. If due to some reason the email can’t arrive you have to click on the resend the request from the control panel. You have to make verification immediately and a delay more than 15 days may cause a temporary suspension of your domain registration.  



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