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Top 12 No-Code Platforms to Develop Android Apps for your Business (Beginner’s guide)

As businesses are approaching towards the World of online and making competition with each other. So for their online existing many companies and businesses try to create their websites or android applications. But if you are a new entrepreneur having low budget to create an android application or a person who don’t know how to code but want to develop attractive and useful applications so don’t worry about it. In this blog we are discussing about such platforms where you can create your android application without or less coding.

Businesses that are not in the position of hiring android programmers can easily avail services from these free development tools. These are the list of platforms which offer you to create free android applications.


This platform is a free tool which does not require any coding for you to create android apps. It is known as one of the most powerful and famous platform and many large companies are relaying on this app by creating their different projects on it. This application provides you production level application. This platform covers backend, web and native apps areas. All the features of this platform can be added as drag and drop ease.

2. Smart Apps:

This platform also helps you to build an app by your own without having any code knowledge. This platform provides multimedia file support option during development of android application.

3. Scapic:

This platform has managed the need of any website on an ecommerce platform. It also managed to include all the essential visuals for any website. This platform also understands that how sign-in impact of visuals on any online business and its website is. Therefore they help the user’s managers to efficiently create an android application by utilizing their skills. 

4. Parabola:

Integrating and linking up the apps after programming it is the most difficult task for a developer but this platform Parabola has solved this problem effectively and it does not make any sense if the web content is connected with the external database. The streamlines at this platform connect them with easily.

5. Bubble:

This software design is also become an important and easy accessible platform with no code technology. For using this platform or creating an android application you don’t need any kind of language to understand. This platform provides a high range of visually appealing components you just have to use them by drag and drop method and after assembling its components you can easily launch your application.

6. Makerpad:

This application provides you no code android apps development facilities and if a person want full guide about this platform and how to create application then it provide you many tutorials where you can learn about creating and designing android apps with some simple procedures.

7. Chatbots:

This is an effective platform for businesses to chat with their customers. This platform designed effective applications with or without coding. This platform provides salutations and information about the business or organization to the customer. These chat bots also resolve their queries and give resourceful information to the user. So therefore you cannot wholly relay on them so it is important to have customized bots.

8. Thunkable:

If you are thinking about to find substitute option for android application then thunkable is one of the best option for you to create and launch android application. There is variety of open resources available and you can also edit or use this template which means all react-native projects are now smoothly created by the teams within an organization.  Tutorials are also provided for this platform to start as a beginner and for understanding its interface.

9. Typeform:

This platform helps you to create forms and surveys in normal routine for your business and you don’t require constructing the form for every person. This platform is best for no code application and you can find fully customizable forms and surveys with in various kinds of templates.

10. Quixey:

It is a cloud base application which is use for businesses and designed to empower the organization or any business to automate their workflow. This platform helps you to build enterprise-grade applications. This platform also provides you the facility of drag and drop to create an android application. A person having a little knowledge of this platform can easily launch its app.

11. Survey Sparrow:

This platform helps to create such application which uses to manage experience of organization. Many tools are available on this platform to cater to customer experiences are designed with tools such as NPS, Offline and 360 surveys.

12. Voice Flow:

As we know that how much voice activated technology is around us now a day and making its place in the market.  If we take a real time example around us then Alexa and Siri were ordinary name for us a while ago but now every person used this service and easily recognizes this feature. Now all of us are relaying on them as go-to assistant. This platform is use to develop such application for our businesses.

These were the top 12 platform where you can easily create an attractive and effective android application for any kind of business or organization. You don’t need any kind of expert level knowledge or coding experience for this application you just have to drag and drop the components you want to add up in your business application and after adding these components you can easily launch your app.



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