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Top 20 Best Websites for downloading free PC Games

There is nothing free in this World. People always try to find such things which are free or having discount on them. Same as in this digital World people who love PC games always try to find new games which are free and have good reputation. So for such PC games lovers we are introducing some gaming websites where you can find all types of game free of cost. If you are a PC games lover and want to know 2022’s best gaming websites than we will tell you all of such free PC gaming websites in this blog.

Best Websites for PC Games:

1. STEAM: (Link)

Steam is an online free game platform for your Desktop where you can join for free and get your favorite games. This site has a massive gaming community which automatically updates all newly upload games.

2. OVA Games: (Link)

Ova Games is a website that offers us full downloadable free games for our PC. It also updates us with its latest releases, repacks, mods and HD versions. It gives you an option of direct download of any game with having full installation guide for the users.

3. The PcGames: (Link)

The PcGames is a website where users can download games for their computers for free. Aside from free games, the website also offers installation and website using tutorials and game requests from the users. It is a great hub for all type of free PC games downloading.

4. Softonic: (Link)

Softonic is one of the oldest downloading portals where you can get freeware, shareware and trial version of software. This site updates its data frequently and adds software at regular intervals.

 5. PC Games Lab: (Link)

PC Games Lab is a website where users can find torrent download and full compressed version of PC games. It offers to the user to download all kind of PC games from adventure, RPGs, racing games, arcade games and many other varieties.

6. Software Library: MS DOS Games (Link)

Software for MS DOS machines is a collection of entertainment and games which includes different variety of action, strategy, adventure and many other unique genres that can be directly downloaded for free for your PC.

7. Origin: (Link)

Origin is a free PC game downloading website which offers the users a wide range of games. Most of its games are developed and published by the Electronic Arts (EA) but it has many other games from other genres and distributors.

8. CroTorrents: (Link)

This website offers torrents for the users. This site is made especially for downloading free games, publishing latest games update and features. User can access over 100 steam games on this page.

9. Game Trex: (Link)

GameTrex is a website which offers the users to download free of cost game for their PC. This website is sorted into content of different categories with games of ranging from retro-age to modern releases.

10.  Old Games Download:  (Link)

This website is another best site for downloading free games for the PC which allows users to download games for windows and DOS with free of cost. User can access this site from its browser through their collection by genre or by year sorting. It has also feature of filter per platform. 

11. Bullmask: (Link)

Bullmask is formerly known as the CiniSearch which is a Torrent site which offers free search and download of different Movies and TV drama Series. You can also look for e-books, apps and pc games on this site by just entering the title of the content into the search bar and easily can download it as free.

12. Ocean of Games: (Link)

This gaming website offers free download links of all type of games which are latest released. This website offers a wide variety of computer games. Its variety starts from NBA 2K games in sports and immortal unchained in action games.

13. RetrosGames: (Link)

This gaming website is a site where users can download different retro and old school games. It also offers emulators for every kind of console games that allows users to play the game on both their desktop and mobile devices.

14. GameTop: (Link)

GameTop is an online website that offers users to download all kind of freeware games from the arcade classics to modern games. It provides such games which are easily compatible with Android, iOS and Window devices.

15. Storm of Games: (Link)

This is a website which provides users a wide collection of PC Games which they download for free. This site offers different type of games which include on Action, fighting, racing, shooting and sports games. It also includes screenshots of the game play.

16. Deca Games: (Link)

Deca Games is a gaming website which offers us to download cracked version of games. It has also a section for PC games, for PSP games and for PlayStation 4 games.  This website has a filter feature for different genres of games with different categories.

17. Top Games Free:

It is another best online gaming website which provides you different genres such as action, adventures, sports and many more games. This website also categorizes all games with their file size.

18. PcMac Games: (Link)

This is another best free website which offers game for windows and Mac computers. It also includes different genres of games like sports, adventure, role-playing, dress-up and general entertainment types of games.

19. Games Torrents: (Link)

This is a website is a best free site for downloading games and mods. It is divided into different sections for both mobile and desktop games. It has both Mac and Window versions of games available and also some section for PSP and Xbox 360 games.  This website offers us a section which provides all kind of guides, tips and tricks.

20. GAMES4U:

This is another best free gaming website which hosts all free games for both Android and PC. It has features action games, adventure games, simulator games, racing games and sports games. You can download any kind of game from by just one click on the button. 



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