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5 Best Free Blogging Websites to Build Your Blog (For Beginners)

If you are a blogger or want to start your career as a blogger and looking for some free websites where you start share your thoughts, knowledge and writing with the World than this blog will help you to introduce 5 top free blogging websites where you can share updates with your family and friends or want to build a big audience.

In this blog we will try to steer you towards some specific platforms that will help you to start your free blog. Bluehost gives you a free domain name which helps you to create a website having an easy to use interface. You can also customize your website without any limitation by adding some new features to website. In this case you are the only sole owner of the website and you have to just get their entry level plan which is as low as /month for the 36 months straight.

Here are the best blogging websites where you can start your own blog from today.

1.Wix: (

It is the best website of non techies who want some regular website with some functionality of a blog.

It is a free website builder tool that can easily manage from the front-end. This platform has drag-and-drop option through which you can handle anything in the back-end side without any coding. Its design is very attractive and modern which can be easily used by the beginner as well as for the expert level person.

The best thing about this website is that it also provides free hosting you just have to arrange some layouts. For this just have to pick a template and go start your blogging. It has another feature of providing some attractive themes and templates which are both in free and premium quality.

For starting blogging on Wix you have to sign up and have to decide that either you use Wix ADI create a site for you which is based on build your blog yourself which includes selecting a template and edit it or in the second option you have to find some attractive templates and just have to customize everything on the front-end.

Multiple elements can be add-up to your pages from multimedia widgets to backgrounds, menu, typography, form and video boxes. When you upload all of your information and data on the website and think that it is ready to start blogging click on Publish and after publishing you can edit any content area at any time.

2. WordPress: (

People who want to do work for a long-term and want 100% control of their blog then it is best for a serious website. WordPress is known as the king of blogging website. It is a free platform but you have to build site mostly by yourself. You can also host the software by yourself who provide you some free WordPress hosting, a better long-term strategy is to pay or buy a moderate amount for a solid WordPress host. Because you are hosting the WordPress website by yourself you should have to full control on its functions and its look that how site appears on any kind of screen. You have to also focus on how much money your site makes. But in the other side the setup process is a little bit more hands-on.

This kind of platform is mostly used for ecommerce and for blogging and the reason behind it is easy to set-up and free of cost if you don’t have any custom domain. But you have some limited features in the way you can customize it. If your only plan is to monetize your blog in any way than the free version will prevent you from doing this.

3. LinkedIn: (

This website is best for business owners who want some pre-existing audience. When it’s time to consider some blogging websites mostly people don’t think about this website as a blogging website but in short it deserves to be some attention. The reason for this is that it has easy to use tools and also pre-existing audience. All the audiences who use the linkedIn are basically highly focused users, professional and business owners. It is reported in a survey that LinkedIn has 30 million businesses which are active and the other data shows that 94% of them are B2B marketer which use this platform as their primary lead source.

If we see as a technical point of view it is easy to publish on LinkedIn for this you have to just go to your LinkedIn Feeds and use the “Start a Post” widget which is on the top of the page. For converting your status into a full post you have to click on the “Write an article on LinkedIn” to open the full screen editing window tools.

On this window you can find out all the editing tools which you have to use for text formatting, adding images and many more.

4. Bloggers: (

This website is best for such people who want to write and they have no concern about owning their own site. Blogger is the oldest one free blogging site. Although Blogger is a solid solution for personal blogs but due to its popularity which is dipped in recent few years we can say that it is not a best source for professional use. It works as like as the other hosted platform. For this site you just have to create an account in order to use it. After creating the account you have to select a theme and you can start writing your thoughts. This platform contains same interface as like Google Profile and its editor looks like word page.

Much kind of themes are available on Blogger to choose from each of them provide different skins and advanced color filters and minimalist gadgets. But in this site nothing type of advance or fancy customization available. It has just simple appearance options as it just focuses on the writing part. The best thing about this website is that it comes with ad spaces and you can place within your content pieces.

5. Ghost: (

This website is for such people who need some Modern Vibes for the site because it provides some technical setup. This is a blogging platform same like WordPress. You can also download it as free but you will need paid hosting for start.   DigitalOcean is a great service which supports the Ghost. It is a cheap product and comes with multiple features to get you started. Installing Ghost is not as straightforward as to start WordPress.  Before getting start your work you have to do some server work. It sometimes depends on the host you choose for your blog.

Once you set up your website than it is easy to publish your post on it. It has simple editor and minimalist, it also provide Live Preview option of your text on the right side of the screen. While on the front-end side you get a Medium vibe so it’s nice to operate.   



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