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How to make Passive income as a Creative Person

Passive income is money that you earn from without having any active work or some continuous work. But it requires some active hours for getting things move on. This blog will helps you to understand that what is passive income is and how to start passive income as a creative person.

Meaning of Passive Income:

Moving towards what is passive income and learning about is a good way to protect you from some financial insecurity which would be happen in the future. It is the work of your desire that what you love to do or like to do in your spare time. It requires you to work hard upfront and generate money over time. Passive income making is not as easier as it looks, if it was easy than everyone would be doing it.

It is important to make difference between your active and passive income that your active income still matters and your passive income is just supportive but can become more significant over the time.

Different between Passive and Active Income:

When a word of income comes in front of us so there passive and active income comes in our mind. Active income refers to the income which comes directly from the ongoing work.  If you work a part time or full time job that’s active income, but as a creative person active income will be just a work you do on commission. It may include on design work, video editing work, artwork and many others. Basically we can say that active income is an income where if you stopped doing it, you would no longer be paid.

While if we talk about the passive income it is totally opposite to the active income it requires upfront work which rewards you can reap for a longer time. At most of the passive income you will only need to perform minor tasks to maintain some level of passive income. Some people call the passive income “Earning Money While You Sleep”.

Ways to make Passive income online as a Creative Person:

First of all you have to think about something that remains evergreen and remains foreseeable in the future. Then start thinking for the creative work that could benefits the others. Here are some Passive incomes Ideas where you can start your journey.

YouTube Content:

YouTube is a great source of making passive income online. While the work upfront is much more active and it may give you a long term benefits. Passive income from YouTube comes in the form of advertising splits. Every time an ad is viewed on your channel you receive revenue cut in return.  To make passive income from the YouTube you have to qualify for their monetization program. That include on 1000 channel subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time over 12 months. During that hunt for monetization that’s when the content you make matters.  Creative and evergreen content that remains relevant and valuable today and for many years in the future. Your content may be on some tutorials, tips or other educational content that people will always want to know. So from these creative ideas you can start your passive income.

Starting a blog or website:

This work is same like YouTube where you need some creative mind or content. These are valuable tools for making passive income as a creative. We can say that a website or blog can be a central hub for a bunch of your passive income ideas.

You have to use the AdSence for making passive income through the blogs. AdSense allows Google to place ads alongside your content, while the money will depend on your traffic which you generate through your content on your blog or website. Once you start making good content its essential to continue doing so on regular basis.

Affiliate Links:

Affiliate marketing provides a particular type of hyperlink that when clicked takes a user to a page where they can buy something. Affiliate links are a great way to make passive income online because they generate click through which are as long as the content is relevant.

Amazon is the best example which offers you a small percentage of any items which a buyer buys after clicking your link. Many affiliate marketers leave the cookies with the  link if the user do not buy the today you will get the commission in future if he buys in future from that site.

These kinds of links can be shared on a blog, Tweets, videos or anywhere else you can embed a link with. This could be a good way to earn passive income.

Sell Merchandise:

Selling different merch such as clothing, prints and many other potential valuable things could be a great way for passive income. If you create such a desirable item that people might like but they are not interested to know you or the person who is behind that brand than it could be beneficial. You can buy and sale many kind of merch these days and in good merchs you will see a large number of competition there.

Creating Some Educational Courses:

Selling your experience as education is a great way to earn passive income. You have to make written course or mix video for some specific topics related to the some educational area. Your main concern is to create valuable things whether it is well polished or sleek looking. Some time the things which sound to be common in front of you may be generate a great idea in some one’s mind so always create a useful educational material which find to be beneficial for the others.



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